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Color: Blacks and Yellows
Price: $1,500

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Pups ready to go to their new home Jan 15th!

One Black and one yellow male pup available at time of posting. Strong natural abilities with performance and pedigrees to back it all up. Ace has amazing on/off switch and to date through 4XGMPR and AKC MH tests has not failed a test! Pups have been given Early Neurological Stimulation exercises and super well socialized. All shots with written record provided. These pups are the real deal - we like what we see and will likely repeat litter in future. We are keeping a female for our program which should tell you volumes about our confidence in this litter!

Callie Callie Callie

Angel x Teddy Litter Announcement

Litter was Whelped on 9-7-2021

Color: All Yellow
Price: $1,500

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3 males and 6 females in this outstanding litter. We incorporate the Early Neurological Stimulation protocol along with a tremendous socialization program to get your pup off to the best possible start. Pups will have all shots, will be microchipped and will have dual registration papers in both AKC and UKC. 30 month written health guarantee. Airport shipping is available as well as possible delivery options. This litter has tremendous potential. We will be keeping a pup for our future breeding program!

Callie Callie Callie Callie  
  Callie Callie    


Angel is one of our best looking females – 57# classic blocky medium frame with beautiful head and lighter yellow coat with a thick straight ever wagging tail!! She exhibits a strong NATURAL point and is trainable and a team player. Proven as a pheasant hunting guide dog, she is athletic exhibiting stamina, extreme bird sense with great marking and tracking skills. She routinely comes up with a downed bird when others fail to mark or find it. Numerous littermates to Angel are also working as guide dogs in the Dakota’s and beyond so that should tell you something about the depth of her talents. She loves the water and has generations of working dogs along with proven performers in her pedigree. Breeding her to “Teddy” was a no- brainer as he brings complimentary traits along with such a calm demeanor and personality. Angel is a great mom – constantly “teaching” her pups. They will be special!!! We will be keeping a pup from this litter for ourselves for our future breeding program – enough said!



GRHRCH, 4xGMPR, SPOT-ON Cooperstown's Splendid Splinter of Blazing Red MH, CGCA, CGCU

  • Whelped: 04/22/2014
  • Sire: GRHRCH, UH, GMPR Black Powder's Blazing Red Flame MH, MNH, QAA (HRC and AKC
  • Master National Hall of Fames)
  • Dam: HRCH, UH Carolina's Sugar Sweet
  • AKC: SR82517309
  • UKC: R246-518
  • HRC Championship Points: 835 (honorable 500 point club)
  • OFA Hips: LR-222346E27M-VPI (Excellent)
  • OFA Elbows: LR-EL74251M27-VPI (Normal)
  • OFA Eyes: LR-EYE7199/81M-VPI (Free of inherited disease)
  • EIC: Clear (U of MN #D14-029899-1)
  • CNM: Clear (Parentage)
  • PRA: Clear/Normal (PawPrint Genetics Dog #12247)
  • RD/OSD: Clear/Normal (Paw Print Genetics Dog #12247)
  • SD2: Clear/Normal (PawPrint Genetics Dog #12247)
  • HNPK: Clear/Normal (PawPrint Genetics Dog #12247)
  • Dilute gene: D/D - non-dilute (PawPrint Genetics Dog #12247)
  • Pedigree:

Teddy is 1 of only 4 dogs on earth that is a 4-time Grand Master Pointing Retriever (4xGMPR) with the APLA, a Master Hunter (MH) with the AKC and a GRHRCH with the HRC!

Teddy is the only dog on earth that is has all these high level hunt test titles and is also a Canine Good Citizen and Certified Therapy Dog!

Teddy passed four more HRC Finished tests in August; 2/2 at the Muddy Waters Retriever Club and 2/2 at the Key City Retriever Club to bring his HRC Championship point total to 835.

Teddy is truly a once in two lifetime's dog. He is the man. He is an absolute sweetheart to everyone and an absolute nightmare for birds! Teddy weighs 61-65 lbs and has a big, blocky head and a big chest. He's a phenomenal marker, the best I have ever trained and that is saying something. Ted has a great demeanor; very relaxed, yet very curious, just independent enough, yet very friendly. He loves to sit in the recliner with me, and he loves our daughters and anyone who will scratch or rub his belly. He is a favorite at the Vet clinic! Yet when you take him in the field to hunt or get to the line for a hunt test or training he is all business. Teddy has also turned into an absolute beast of a wild bird hunter. Steady as a rock in the duck blind, and a bird finding, pointing and retrieving machine in the upland field. When Teddy was younger he spent time training and competing with Carolyn at Blazing Red Kennels including earning his HRC Grand Title. Carolyn absolutely loves Teddy and keeps offering to "take him off my hands." Teddy's hunt test career boasts a pass rate of >83% including the HRC Grand with Teddy competing and earning titles with the APLA, HRC and AKC. Teddy's hunt test accomplishments include going 9/13 in the APLA to earn his CPR, MPR, GMPR and up to his 4xGMPR titles. He passed 6/9 in AKC Master Hunter tests for his Master Hunter (MH) title. In the HRC Teddy earned his SHR, HR, HRCH, GRHRCH and is in the honorable 500 point club. I believe he has now passed 47/51 (I think; sometimes I lose count) finished tests. Teddy passed the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 HRC International Grand Hunt Tests to earn his Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH) title. The Grand is the toughest hunt test on earth to pass with an average of about 20-25% of dogs (must be a HRCH to enter) passing each time. Teddy now has 835 HRC championship points. Our remaining hunt test goals for Teddy are to earn 1,000 HRC Points. As good as his retriever skills are Teddy also really excels is in the upland field. Man does this dog point! Teddy has been pointing birds in the upland since we picked him up at 11 weeks of age (see the links to videos below) and he is really producing natural point in his pups! Teddy is 3/4 American Field lines (goes back to Lean Mac and Creekside's Hey Paco) and 1/4 English field lines. His sire, Flame, is one of the most highly titled pointing labs on the planet (QAA, MH, MNH, UH, GMPR, GRHRCH (5). Teddy's dam, Sugar, is no slouch either. The product of two GRHRCH dogs, Sugar has her HRCH and UH titles with the HRC. Teddy certainly brings some new blood into the pointing lab world and we are very excited about his future. Watch for Teddy at a hunt test near you soon. Teddy has perfect health clearances, good looks, an amazing "on-off switch", a great personality. He really is the complete package!