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Cedar Point Labradors

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Outstanding ALL YELLOW Litter

Puppies Due December 9th!

Sunni X 4XGMPR HR Sams Creek High Priest of Israel SH "Aaron"

All yellow litter spring 2017. Sunni is full sister to 4X GMPR Stealth Point Peekay and has produced outstanding pups in a previous litter. Sunni is a smaller framed dog that has outstanding bird sense, a very intense point and overall great focus. She works as a pheasant guide dog and is always one of the hunters favorites. She is a very well balanced dog who has that go all day endurance - she has lived up to and exceeded our expectations of this well regarded breeding of 4X GMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai's Midnight Sun MH and Quiver's Liberty Bell. Breeding her to Sams Creek High Priest of Israel SH "Aaron" has us very excited for this litter! We truly believe they compliment each other extremely well.

For more info on Aaron go to click here. A Deposit of $250.00 will secure your place in puppy pick order.

Contact us for updates - photos coming soon!

Spring 2017 Litters

Tess's Bella The Ball X 4X GMPR Stealth Point Peekay

Our Bella is a full sister to 4X GMPR HRCH Rooster Smasher of HRK MH QAA, GMPR Rachel and lots of other titled and talented brothers and sisters. Bella possess an outstanding nose and stylish point along with tremendous marking abilities. She has worked as a pheasant hunting guide dog here and in Iowa and has proven bird sense and drive. She is a well balanced dog with that great on-off switch when she is not in the field. Breeding her to 4X GMPR Stealth Point Peekay is a no- brainer for us. Peekay is a son of 4X GMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai's Midnight Sun MH and out of Quiver's Liberty Bell. This has proven to be a productive breeding and the offspring of this proven combination are making their mark as producers as well. Peekay has an intense, stylish point, tremendous drive and bird sense and has shown an ability to perform in a variety of different testing venues including shoot to retrieve competitions. That is typically a difficult transition and Peekay handles it smoothly and with style. We will be keeping a female from this litter for ourselves as well. Your $250.00 deposit will secure your puppy pick order.

Cedar Point's She's Rooster Reddi X 4X GMPR Brody Points for You

Reddi is out of 4X GMPR HRCH Rooser Smasher of HRK MH QAA and our Goldie. For those of you who are not familiar with Rooster he is one fantastic dog who has excelled in multiple competition venues as well as in the hunting field - and is perhaps most known for failing in the 7th series of the HRC Grand when he ended up going on point on a bird and holding point rather than rushing in and flushing the bird as per HRCH test protocol. Yes he failed that particular test protocol - but firmly entrenched himself as one of the premier pointing labs. He possesses tremendous natural pointing ability from long distances and has passed that trait along with outstanding marking ability to his daughter Reddi. Reddi has worked as a pheasant hunting guide dog and has shown tremendous natural point along with plenty of drive and bird sense - two things you cannot train into a dog! Breeding to Brody brings arguably two of the best yellow Pointing Lab stud dogs in recent history, ( Rooster and Kenai) to this litters puppy pedigree. Brody is a highly intelligent son of 4X GMPR HRCH Arrowpoint Kenai's Midnight Sun MH and was easily trainable. Brody is a high drive dog yet very well balanced and is producing pups that carry his demeanor. We plan on keeping a pup from this litter as well! A $250.00 deposit secures your puppy pick order.

Hannah X 4XGMPR Sir Bodhi SH

Chocolates and Black Pups Expected

We are pleased to announce the planned breeding of our Hannah ( FC AFC Watermarks Texas Welcome (Howdy) X CPR Sweet Whislin Dixie) to 4XGMPR Sir Bodhi SH . After seeing first hand the results of breeding one of Hannahs full sisters to Bodhi we made up our minds that we had to give this combination a try. Hannah is a compact muscular black female with classic Labrador good looks. Blocky head, thick otter tail, deep chest all in a very balanced package. She has been utilized here as one of our guide dogs for several seasons now and has proven herself to have outstanding bird sense, great drive while working easily under control. She possesses an extremely good nose and a staunch stylish point. Her retrieving skills and marking skills are outstanding. She is chocolate factored. The choice of 4XGMPR Sir Bodhi SH as sire of this litter became quite obvious once we saw the results of this combination with one of Hannah’s littermate sisters. Bodhi brings style and balance along with great looks and in our opinion the ideal physical size in a male stud dog. Bodhi’s sire Cruz has long been one of our favored pointing chocolates and the opportunity to incorporate his speed and enthusiasm in this breeding is of great value to us and the pointing lab world. These pups will posses that all day endurance and drive along with maintaining the retrieving skills that we all look for. Litter will be EIC and CMN clear. Black and Chocolate pups expected. Your $250.00 deposit holds your pick in this litter.

For more about Sir Bodhi go to :